Creating a home policy, modeling proper behaviour, and a home routine are all important aspects parents need to think about when  preparing their children for a safe positive experience online. The following resources are excellent ways to get you and your family started.

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Creating a Media Use Agreement

It is imperative that parents sit down with their children to have a two-way conversation about their use of digital media. It’s important for your children to know your concerns, how many hours of allotted time is permitted, as well as appropriate guidelines for their digital consumption. Be sure to respect your child’s feelings, and to … Continue reading Creating a Media Use Agreement

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7 Daily Essential Brain Balancing Activities

Dr. Daniel Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA school of medicine, has studied and written extensively about interpersonal neurobiology; or the correlation between healthy brain development and positive human relationships. Recent studies by Siegel have shown that much of our online experiences stimulate our left brain hemisphere. With the average screen time exceeding 5 … Continue reading 7 Daily Essential Brain Balancing Activities

Be a Role Model

Kids are sponges, and often their greatest role models are their parents. Therefore, it’s important that you model the behaviour you expect your child to follow. Reflect Upon Your Own Behaviour Are you always plugged in, checking your Facebook or Twitter feed, pinning things on Pintrest, or in constant chat with your friends via a … Continue reading Be a Role Model

Teach Digital Citizenship

Our Digital Footprint Everything we do online cumulatively adds together to form our Digital Footprint; a permanent identity of who one is and how they will be perceived. Since everything one does online forms this digital reputation, it’s important to talk with your child to not only be aware of their digital footprint, but also … Continue reading Teach Digital Citizenship

Supervision, Not Snoopervision

Show Genuine Interest in your Child’s Online Presence It’s important that parents embrace their children’s world, and as part of that, it is imperative to actually sit down and take note of what their children are doing online. Parents should recognize that their children’s time online, socializing and playing, is not simply a frivolous activity, but … Continue reading Supervision, Not Snoopervision