Be a Role Model

Kids are sponges, and often their greatest role models are their parents. Therefore, it’s important that you model the behaviour you expect your child to follow.

Reflect Upon Your Own Behaviour
Are you always plugged in, checking your Facebook or Twitter feed, pinning things on Pintrest, or in constant chat with your friends via a phone based app? As adults we too need to reflect upon our practices, to ensure that we are giving our children more ‘face time’ than our devices. I’m worried that our children, when they are adults, will remember their parents always engaged in their devices, instead of paying them the attention they deserve. Not texting during meal times, being fully present in face-to-face conversation, and unplugging several hours before bedtime can provide examples and routines of positive behaviour for children.

What apps, games, or shows are you watching/using in the presence of your child? Chances are, whatever you are playing or engaged in will become familiar to your children, which can pose problems if you expect them to stay away from such inappropriate entertainment.

Photo Credit: CC NaBHaN