Teach Digital Citizenship

Our Digital Footprint
Everything we do online cumulatively adds together to form our Digital Footprint; a permanent identity of who one is and how they will be perceived. Since everything one does online forms this digital reputation, it’s important to talk with your child to not only be aware of their digital footprint, but also to ensure their actions online are contributing to a positive digital reputation.

Teaching Your Child to be Good Digital Citizens
Communicating kindly, standing up for others, and building positive relationships online are all part of being a good digital citizens. The following videos offer a glimpse at three age appropriate games created by Common Sense Media, that allow children to practice their digital citizenship skills, while at the same time being aware of the pitfalls that exist online, and the importance of being thoughtful when sharing information:

Digital Passport: Grades 3-5

Digital Compass: Grades 6-9

Digital Bytes: Ages 13+