This page has been created to take teachers through the process of understanding what digital literacy is, how it can be taught in your classroom, and how to get your students’ parents involved as painlessly as possible!!!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Take a look at the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship which are recommended by the Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Curriculum. This will provide an overview of the different elements that constitute digital citizenship, and will give you some resources that you can come back to after looking at…
  2. Common Sense Media’s incredible Scope and Sequence of Digital Citizenship lessons. These comprehensive lessons offer age appropriate lessons that touch upon all of the before mentioned 9 Elements.
  3. Look into the policies that have been adopted by your school/school board in regard to BYOD (bring your own device), and technology in general. Pointing your school leaders in the direction of the Schools section on this website may prove useful.
  4. Getting parents involved in their child’s digital citizenship education is imperative. To make this easier on you, please point parents in the direction of the Parents section, which will help to bring your families up to date, and provide resources that will help them to support their children at home.


Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence
Government of Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Photo credit: CC University of the Fraser Valley