Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette 

Digital etiquette (netiquette) refers to the conduct one uses when interacting with others online. Just as part of being a good citizen is to treat others the way you want to be treated, so to is it important to consider others when sharing and commenting online. It also deals with the difficult subject of cyberbullying.

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Supporting Resources

7 Rules to Teach Kids Online Etiquette – A no-nonsense look at 7 rules that teachers can incorporate into a project where student groups create a play, or a comic strip that illustrates the positive behaviour vs. the negative one.

An Introduction to Digital Etiquette – Brainpop Video & Resources
– A great visual introduction to digital etiquette, complete with a quiz and activities.

Webonauts Interactive Game That Teaches Digital Literacy
– A great send home activity (or classroom station) that gives another opportunity to practice good digital etiquette.

Through the Wild Web Woods
 Created by the Council of Europe, this fun game teaches students about digital citizenship.

Authentic Integration Into The Classroom
Students practicing emails, comparing different writing styles for different audiences
Setting up student blogs, with ongoing assignments to write posts, as well as comments that are constructive and appropriate.

Background Literature

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