Digital Law

Students need to realize how important it is to ensure they are producing work that is in their own words, and to be sure to give credit to those they are sourcing from.

Visit Common Sense Media’s scope and sequence for lessons specific to the students you are teaching. The following links below highlight some of these lessons:

Grades 3-5 Lessons

  • Whose is it anyway? is an excellent starting point for students to begin to understand copyright/plagiarism, and how to source information appropriately.
  • Picture perfect looks into how photos can be changed, and the implications that can have on copyright and how it might affect others.

Grades 6-8 Lessons

  • A Creator’s Rights – Students look deeper into the rights individuals have over copyright. (Recommended to start with earlier lessons if students haven’t already learned about copyright)
  • A Creator’s Responsibility – Students explore the ethical dilemmas involved in using other’s work when creating your own.
  • Rework, Reuse, Remix – Students explore the 4 points of fair use